Marian offers recreational gymnastics programs for boys and girls of all ages. We specialize in Artistic Gymnastics, Trampoline Gymnastics and specialty classes such as Parkour.  Young or old, beginner or advanced, Marian is the place to be! 

Fees and Policies

*Please note: the following class times are updated regularly, however, for most current class times, see the recreational class schedule.

6 & under

Parent & Tot: Ages 2-3 (45 MIN). Basic gymnastics skills such as hanging, balancing, rolling and jumping with a little assistance from Mom or Dad.

Tiny Tumblers 1: Ages 3 - 4 (45 MIN)Gymnastics basics for the independent preschooler and graduates of the Parent & Tot Program.  

Tiny Tumblers 2: Ages 4 - 5 (1 HR). Gymnastics for the graduatess of TT1 & less experienced 4-5 year olds. They will learn basic body positions, basic skills and increase their body strength and awareness.  

Kinder-gym: Ages 5 - 6 (1 HR). Participants work to increase body control, body awareness, strength, flexibility and build on more specific gymnastics skills. No experience is necessary at this level.

Junior Gymnasts: Ages 5-6 (1 HR). Gymnasts work on body control. awareness, strength and flexibility while expanding on skills. 
Previous gymnastics experience required.

Gymini Crickets Sr.: Ages 5-6 - INVITATION ONLY (1.5 HR  2x/wk). 
Girls must have an assessment done, and/ or be selected into this program. 

Gymini Crickets Jr.: Ages 4-5 - INVITATION ONLY (1.5 HR 2x/wk). 
Girls must have an assessment done, and/ or be selected into this program. 

Ages 6-12+

Can Gym: Gymnasts work towards the completion of a specific set of skills. Once they have mastered a set they will receive the badge attached to that level and they then progress to the next level.

Boys Crew Sr.: Boys Ages 9+ (1.5 HR). A boy’s only program that focuses on men's gymnastics events.  Boys will work with a coach at their own level on each apparatus. Appropriate for beginners, or more advanced. Class is limited to 8.

Boys Crew Jr: Boys Ages 6-8+ (1 HR). A boy’s only program that follows the CanGym beginner program, badges burgundy and red. Boys will also be introduced to men’s apparatuses. Appropriate for beginners, or more advanced. Class is limited to 8.

Can Gym Beginner Program (Burgundy & Red): Ages 6-8 (1 HR). A class for new beginners or young experienced gymnasts.

Can Gym Intermediate (Tan, Bronze & Purple): Ages 9+ (1.5 HR). Longer class for those working on Tan, Bronze & Purple badge levels. Appropriate for beginners 10+.                    

Can Gym Advanced (Blue, Turquoise & Silver): Girls Ages 10+ (2 HR). There is a focus on building skills, strength and flexibility for the more experienced gymnasts.  

Gold (Orange, Yellow, Green, Grey, White & Gold): Girls Ages 12+ (2 HR)This class will focus on higher level skills for the more advanced gymnasts.

Teen Time: Girls Ages 12+ (2 HR). A program designed for teen girls to come and work on skills of their choice. Girls will work on all apparatus at their own level. Appropriate for beginners, or more experienced gymnast.

Foundations: Child with Special Needs and Parent/Aide (1 HR). A dynamic adaptive movement program for those participants facing the challenges of special needs. Based on the fundamental movement patterns of  gymnastics. Promotes and enhances gross motor skill development and physical fitness as well as helps to increase  a child’s self-image and social skills.

Acro Sr: Ages 9+ (1.5 HR): Participants will work to improve flexibility, strength, and body control.
Proper execution of all acro skills and balances will continue to include more difficult tricks. More demanding 2 and 3 partner skills will be introduced.

Acro Jr: Ages 6-8 (1 HR): Participants will work to improve flexibility, strength, and body control. Proper execution of acro skills such as bridges, cartwheels, & various common balances will progress to more demanding acrobatic skills & balances, front and back walkovers, front and back handsprings, as well as a variety of aerial skills. Partner skills will be introduced at this level.

Acrobatic Gymnastics (Pre-Competitive) Ages 7+:
Acro Gymnastics is a gymnastics discipline that involves gymnasts working together in partnerships to perform dynamic, balance, and or combined routines that consist of acrobatic skills, tumbling and choreography. These routines are all set to music and performed on the gym floor. Within these partnerships, there are base and top positions. The base gymnasts traditionally support, lift and throw smaller top gymnasts to perform complex acrobatic skills.
The partnerships formed during Acro Gymnastics class turn into some of the most enduring and rewarding friendships both in and out of the gym. Gymnasts learn to trust and rely on another person and are extraordinary support system for one another.

*We are currently trying to develop a competitive Acro Team to compete 2020/2021

Open to everyone

Recreational Trampoline & Tumbling Senior: Boys & Girls ages 9+ (1.5 HR): Trampolineists will continue to work on and master skills and progression in the three disciplines. More demanding skills and combinations will be introduced.

Recreational Trampoline & Tumbling Junior: Boys & Girls ages 6-8 (1 HR): In a safe environment, and in a progressive manner, participants focus on fundamental trampoline, double-mini, & tumbling skills and progressions.

Parkour Jr. 7-8/Intermediate 9-10/Senior 11+
Parkour is a training discipline using movement that developed from military obstacle course training. It includes - running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, quadrupedal and other movements. Parkour movement seeing one's environment in a new way and imagining the potentialities for navigating it by movement around, across, through, over, and under features.