Marian gymnastics club

Exercise and fun with qualified instructors to guide the way! That’s Marian’s reputation and its commitment as an established gymnastics club in Saskatoon. There are programs for girls and boys of every age from babies to children to teens and even adults! Marian offers classes for all levels: from beginner and recreational gymnastics to competitive and high performance!

The Marian Gymnastics Club insists on the highest standards of training for our staff, coaches and instructors. All of our coaches are certified through the National Coaching Certification Program and are also certified in Emergency First Aid. This ensures that we are able to offer you the finest coaching and programming available in Saskatoon.

Our facility is one of the highest ranked clubs in Western Canada. It boasts over 10,000 sq. feet of space, and is equipped with top of the line gymnastics equipment. Marian is a non-profit corporation with a volunteer board of dedicated parents. Membership fees, fundraising, sponsorship, donations and grants are our main sources of income used to support our programs and our sport.

Coaches & Staff

Why gymnastics?

The skills children gain from participation in gymnastics will continue benefiting them throughout their lives! Gymnasts gain advanced physical ability, confidence, pride, self worth & respect, focus, determination and dedication.
Other benefits include learning goal setting, healthy lifestyle and good nutrition, travel, and Friends for life!
That’s the short version; keep reading for more….

Physical Benefits

  • An increase in muscular strength, flexibility and endurance
  • The ability to relax
  • Correct body alignment while walking, standing, jumping etc. (posture)
  • The knowledge of how to fall and roll safely
  • Increased agility, coordination and balance

Lingual & Educational Benefits

  • encourages the correct use of language when referring to skills, apparatus and motions
  • opportunity to express their feelings and opinions
  • reinforces and enhances vocabulary, beneath / behind, left, right, counting, shapes, colours etc.
  • provides educational experiences

Cognitive Benefits

  • Awareness of the body
  • Awareness of space and where the body is in it
  • Awareness of relationships: body parts to each other and the apparatus

Social Benefits

  • understanding socially acceptable behavior
  • respect for other people and coaches
  • manners, sharing and waiting for a turn
  • Friends with common interests and goals

Psychological Benefits

  • The joy of movement mastery
  • Discipline and self control
  • The exercise habit as a pleasurable daily occurrence
  • Higher self esteem
  • A confident self image and a positive attitude towards their bodies
  • Trust in one's own abilities: move from a world of "I can't" to "I can"
  • Learning to cope with stress and overcome fears
  • Learning to monitor a situation and respond to it
  • Problem solving skills