The skills children gain from participation in gymnastics will continue benefiting them throughout their lives! Gymnasts gain advanced physical ability, confidence, pride, self worth & respect, focus, determination and dedication.
Other benefits include learning goal setting, healthy lifestyle and good nutrition, travel, and Friends for life!
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Why choose gymnastics?

What are your fees?

Find our Fees & Policies page here.

Our Bookings and Birthdays page is here.

Do we have to Fund-raise?

Fund-raising is very important for Marian Gymnastics, as we are a non-profit organization. All funds raised are used to help with the purchases of new equipment and general upkeep of the gym. Read more...

*There is NO mandatory fundraising for recreational participants*

How can I join the competitive program?

Our competitive gymnasts are generally selected from our recreational programs. Most of these gymnasts are selected during our summer Future Stars camps.

What is Future Stars Camp?

Future Stars Camp is a fun and active camp in which qualified competitive staff members coach the participants and assess which children may be best suited for the competitive program. There are several weeks of camps to choose from over the summer months. Each camp is three hours per day (Monday – Friday). This is a camp in which the participants often learn something new and always have lots of FUN! There is no obligation to join our competitive program if your child is selected, and nothing to lose from trying the camp!

How do I sign up for Future stars Camps?

Your daughter must be 4 – 6 years old to attend this camp. Your daughter can attend as many of the one-week camps as you choose. For more information, or to register, contact us!

If there are spaces available at any time, gymnasts may be selected to join the competitive program. If you feel your daughter has potential to be a competitive gymnast and would like to inquire about having an assessment done, please contact us.

What if we missed the Future stars Camps?

Gymnasts are selected for the competitive program based on talent and ability. Your daughter doesn’t have to know how to do a cartwheel or any specific skill (teaching these skills is our specialty!)

What we are looking for, however, is the ability to excel in gymnastics. Several physical attributes are assessed such as strength, flexibility, body control, body awareness, speed, power and agility. Other areas such as the ability to focus, willingness to learn, and general positive attitude are also evaluated.

It is important to select gymnasts for this program that will feel successful and therefore build confidence, self esteem and pride in their accomplishments. We work hard to ensure that gymnasts are placed in the program that is right for them.

How are the gymnasts selected?

Generally, young children who enter the competitive program begin at five hours per week (2 ½ hours twice a week).

Gymnastics is a year-round sport. The competitive season lasts from September to June (with fun summer camps throughout July & August).

Further information will be provided to you if your child is invited to join our competitive program so that you can make a fully informed decision at that time.

What is involved in the competitive program?