Fund-raising is very important for Marian Gymnastics, as we are a non-profit organization. All funds raised are used to help with the purchases of new equipment and general upkeep of the gym.



How can I benefit from fundraising?

Fundraising participants earn 20% of the net profit towards their next session!

How can I pay for the products?

Some of our fundraisers will allow participants to order online using their credit cards. If this option is not available, all payments must be made by cheque for tracking purposes. Please make fundraising cheques out to Marian Gymnastics Club.

Who do I contact if I have a question?

Our fundraising coordinators are volunteers; Parents, just like you! Depending on the fundraiser, there may be a different volunteer in charge. There will always be contact information in each fundraising package as well as on our fundraising boards at the gym. Email the Fundraising coordinator at Please subject your email with the fundraiser you are inquiring about and it will be directed to the correct person.

We sincerely appreciate and welcome your support in all club fundraisers.

Current Fundraisers

Come back soon to see our upcoming fundraisers!

Remember that gymnasts receive a credit of 20% of the profit toward their gym fees!

For more information, please contact us!