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The  new space is open and is receiving great reviews. Please note the following:
- the space is different!  It is a dedicated recreational gymnastics space.  It's set up for ALL levels of recreation, but note that our competitive girls have trained there already and it was fantastic!  Please be prepared for changes - the seating for parents is different and more!
- Please note that you cannot park in front of our neighbours at Alliance. There are 3 spaces there and these are restricted.
Please note the the spaces in front of our building is for Staff only. These are for our full time staff Don and Brenda.
Lamontagne orders have arrived!
Please look in the front entry for your things!
Winter Registration will open ONLINE on December 7th - please stay tuned for our schedule coming soon!
337 Edson Street
We sincerely hope you LOVE it!
Construction on Melville Street - This will be ongoing until the end of October.
At the moment Melville is open at Lorne Avenue and the gym can be accessed via this road.
The Clarence access is limited at Portage but you can still get through via the Petro Canada Station.
Please pay extra attention as there are many workers in the area and the traffic is often backed up to get through.

All cancelled registrations will be subject to $25.00 administrative fee,

multiple registrations cancelled will be subject to $50.00 admin fee.

Classes for 2015!

Click on the link below to expand and view our fall schedule.

Fall Schedule 2015





Published Sunday, November 22, 2015

Come run away with the Marian Circus! We're offering a free hour of circus fun with Mr. Gabriel!  Come and give it a try!

Email us at to reserve your spot today!